My Closing Statement


Dear Friends,


Today, I'm sharing some news that's filled with emotions. After an incredible journey spanning over 23 years, I've made the heartfelt decision to retire. This decision comes hand in hand with the closing of Elegant Occasions as our building has now been sold. Looking back on these 23 amazing years, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the incredible support and loyalty this community has shown us. Elegant Occasions wouldn't have become the success it is without you, our cherished customers. You've been more than just patrons; you've been dear friends who've shared in our joys, milestones, and celebrations.


I want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the true heart of Elegant Occasions – our remarkable staff. Throughout the years, we've had the privilege of working alongside 208 incredibly talented women. They've poured their skills, dedication, and passion into creating life moments for thousands of brides, grooms, wedding parties, and countless others. Their hard work and unwavering commitment have been the driving force behind our success, and I'm deeply thankful for them.


I understand that the news of Elegant Occasions closing will come as a surprise. However, the legacy of Elegant Occasions will continue through the memories we've created together. While we are closing our doors, I want to assure you that all customer orders will continue to be handled with the same care and dedication as always. Your satisfaction remains our top priority. Please note that we will have our building for several months and we can still take care of our customer orders throughout the remaining time. After that, I’m still here and will continue to work with each and every one of you to make certain that you receive any outstanding orders. I will personally take care of delivering your order to you and give you my personal contact information going into that timeframe.


In closing, I want to express my deepest appreciation for your trust, support, and friendship over these remarkable 23 years. Elegant Occasions simply would not have existed without you. That being said, if anyone has any interest in carrying on the Elegant Occasions brand and style or purchasing the remaining inventory to create your own formalwear store, please reach out as that door is still open to an interested party. I ask that you please email any questions to us at: or text 715-390-4396. Please be patient with calling because of the volume of phone calls that we will likely be receiving.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Greta Wood, Elegant Occasions


We recommend Anya Kloth Creations which we have been working with at our store for quite some time. She’s an incredibly talented master tailor and bridal seamstress. She’s also a beautiful soul that is a joy to be around! All alteration reservations have now been transferred directly to Anya. You can make your appointment on-line at her website: Her phone number is 715-566-4224.

As previously communicated with all customers involved, your wedding dress that previously had storage arrangements with us has been moved to our recommended seamstress, Anya Kloth. Please contact her to start your alterations and/or if you want to pick up your gown. 715-566-4224

There should not be anyone left with this situation. However, depending on your needs, please contact us: or text 715-390-4396

Depending on designer and your needs, maybe. Please contact us: or text 715-390-4396

We have carried Jim’s Formalwear for the entire time that we have been open. We still highly recommend them and are happy to help you place your order and continue to fulfill tuxedo orders.


Did you know that Elegant Occasions is among the TOP 25 STORES IN THE COUNTRY for Jim’s Formalwear? For several years, we have been delivering tuxedos directly to our customers using their Tux Direct program. We don’t need a building to continue to do that! We are happy to book tux appointments to set up your tux order with Jim’s Formalwear. Your guys can get measured at any menswear store and text us their measurements.


HERE’S THE BEST PART: Jim’s Formalwear thinks so much of our store that they are in the process of hiring THREE of our employees to go work directly for them! They even created a higher-up position for Nichole, our store and tuxedo department manager! So after we no longer have a building, Greta has got you on behalf of Elegant Occasions and Nichole and 2 of our other staff members will be working your orders from the inside, directly at Jim’s Formalwear! All 4 of us will continue to work together to ensure your satisfaction with your tuxedo orders! So no worries about your tux order, we’ve still got you!


Is your wedding party already booked and you just need to send in your measurements? Text them to us, along with who you are and your contact information and we will get you all set! 715-390-4396