Things to Know for Formalwear Alterations

Before your 1st fitting


  • Purchase your undergarments and shoes, and make sure to bring them to your 1st fitting.
  • Make your appointment
    • Wedding Dresses: 2-4 months prior
    • Other Formal Gowns: 3-8 weeks prior
At your fittings


  • Measurements will be taken at each appointment.
    • If adjustments are needed due to measurement changes, charges will be incurred. Therefore, please do not start alterations until you are at the measurements you feel will be the same as the event day.
  • Undergarments and shoes must be at each fitting. 
    • These can affect fit so it’s important you are fitted the same each time.
  • At least half your balance must be paid at each fitting.

Fitting Appointments


  • All fitting appointments require a $25 deposit. This deposit will be put toward your alteration invoice unless one of the following occurs:
      • The appointment is cancelled or changed in less than 24 hours
      • Undergarments and shoes are not brought with to the appointment
      • You decide to not have us do the alterations
      • You are late to the appointment
      • You do not show up for your appointment


 What gowns does Elegant Occasions alter?


  • Priority is given to gowns that are sold at Elegant Occasions.
  • Reserve your date!
    • Customers that have purchased their wedding dress from EO can reserve their date ahead of time with a $100 downpayment for their weekend.
    • EO is not able to alter all gowns purchased from the store for summer and fall seasons. Reserving your weekend will ensure that you will have the seamstress’ time reserved on the calendar. First fittings need to be started as recommended or a rush fee could still be incurred.
  • Gowns purchased elsewhere will only be taken in if time permits. Contact EO to check for availability.


What are average prices


  • Prices can range greatly, depending on what needs to be done, material, and embellishments:
      • Wedding Dresses: $350-800
      • Bridesmaids: $120-250
      • Other Formal Gowns: $125-300


Does Elegant Occasions store gowns?

  • Storage is available at a rate of $20 per month. It is not pro-rated and can be purchased in full month increments only.


Is my gown insured during alterations?


  • During the time EO is altering your gown, it is insured. If the gown is being stored at Elegant Occasions either before or after alterations, storage will need to be purchased at $20 per month (non pro-rated) in order to be covered by insurance.


Does Elegant Occasions offer other tailoring services?


  • EO only alters formal wear at this time.