About Us

At Elegant Occasions, your wedding begins with the gown of your dreams…

Since January 2001, Greta Wood and the Staff at Elegant Occasions have been providing Wausau, WI with the most prominent one-stop bridal shop in the area. Carrying over 400 wedding dresses in stock from 20 different brand names and over 20 divisions of bridesmaid dresses, you are sure to have success finding not only your gowns, but several other products and services while shopping at our store!


Planning your wedding is a joyous experience to be shared with others…


At Elegant Occasions, the dedicated staff of Accredited Bridal Consultants takes pride in building relationships with their customers. Getting to know a customer is a fundamental part of everyday life at Elegant Occasions. By identifying customers’ personalities, tendencies, likes & dislikes, the Elegant Occasions staff is better equipped to assist each person in selecting styles to complement and enhance individual identities.



Wedding planning takes time, preparation and good help…


The staff at Elegant Occasions knows just how difficult it can be to plan the wedding every girl dreams of. They are always here to assist brides and work hard to gain the trust of each and every customer. It is important to the Elegant Occasions staff to create and maintain an atmosphere of comfort and trust within the store.


With a dedicated staff of Accredited Bridal Consultants, Elegant Occasions continues to work hard for its customers by providing excellent customer service and building strong, working relationships with all who walk through its doors. Customer service is a top priority for Elegant Occasions.


Your wedding concludes with a joyous day and the memories of how you got there.


Walking out the door of Elegant Occasions with a smile on your face and all your wedding needs fulfilled is the goal of the Elegant Occasions staff. Memories made are forever cherished by Greta and Elegant Occasions.


Wedding Wishes!